Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thiruppaavai contd- 3

Continued ......
As days passed by she Kodhai grew up into a beautiful young girl. Periyaazhvaar told stories about how
God came to help people in need. She also believed that God will help her too , when she will be in need of any help.

Periyaazhvaar made a beautiful garland every morning for the lord . Kodhai liked that garland and so,
everyday before taking the garland to the temple, she wore it and looked at her beauty in the mirror.
Noone knew about this including Periyaazhvaar. But one day, he saw Kodhai wearing the garland and was
shocked.  He cried and apologised in front of God and so did Kodhai for doing this mistake.

Then, Periyaazhvaar hurrily made another garland for Lord Kannan. That night, Thirumaal came in his dream and asked why he put a scentless garland for him. Then he told about the goodness of Kodhai and
asked to put the garland worn by Kodhai only everyday for him. From that day onwards, Kodhai became

Aandaal always thought about Lord  Kannan and felt happy. She kept Paavai Nombu (prayer) all the time. Aandaal sang 30 songs  about this nombu (prayer), which is called "THIRUPPAAVAI ".

When she reached the age of getting married, she wanted to marry the Lord ! But her father did not believe in this .  But Aandaal strongly believed this would happen. One night, Sri Ranganathar  came in
Vishnuchithar's dream and told him to give his daughter in marriage.Then, Vishnuchithar  along with  Aandaal and  Pandya Kingdom's King ' Srivallaban' , went to  Srirangam.

Meanwhile, Lord Ranganathan came in his priest's dream and told him about Aazhvar and Aandal 's arrival in Srirangam and asked him to welcome them. The priest informed this to all the people in Srirangam and so, all were waiting to welcome Aandal.

When all three of them reached Srirangam, Aandaal saw and touched the feet of Sri Ranganathan with tears in her eyes. Immediately, she vanished. Srirangan had accepted her within himself. This way, Aandal was born as a human (Kodhai) and later was worshipped as  Aandal .

Aandal says an easy way to get the blessings of Lord. It is the pure heart and mind which you need to  worship God and not money !! Aandal 's songs "Naachiyaar Thirumozhi " has taken its place in "Naalaayira Divya Prabandham " .

I will be posting the 30 songs of Thiruppaavai soon.

I wish everyone a pure heart and mind ....

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