Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Brinjal Boy

Once there lived Mr.Kiku who sold vegetables in a market.
In his brinjal basket, there was a brinjal boy, which he himself did't know. 
One sunny morning, a man named Mr.Jumbo came, came to the market and
bought brinjals from Mr.Kiku. The brinjal boy also jumped into Mr.Jumbo's basket.

When Mr.Jumbo went home and emptied the basket, the brinjal boy rolled out and screamed. Mr. and Mrs.Jumbo were surprised to see a brinjal screaming ,walking and rolling....................
The brinjal boy cried, "please......... let me stay here.......
If you send me back to the vendor , somebody else will buy me and cook me". So, they decided to keep the brinjal boy in their house. Now, the brinjal boy rolled again and was happy.

Mrs.Jumbo decided to give the brinjal boy a leaf dress. He trimmed the dress in a stylish manner that he looked a little different. 

The next morning , Mr.Jumbo and his wife, took the brinjal boy in a bullock cart to the nearby town. On the way, when the cart bumped over a stone, the brinjal boy fell down from the pocket, but nobody noticed it. 
Then suddenly, the cart's wheel got loose and it tumbled over. When they fell on the road, they saw the brinjal boy screaming and rolling down.

Then Mr.Jumbo ran and caught the brinjal boy and now, he put him safely in his pocket.
They all reached the town , finished the work and returned home .

After that, Mr.Jumbo was very careful with the brinjal boy. He left him along with his wife at home to be safe. They all lived happily ever after.

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