Friday, December 21, 2012

Chick or No Chick

Chick or No Chick

In a barn, there lived a rooster and chicken.One day, the chicken laid an egg. It sat on the egg for days together.Even after many days , the egg did not hatch.

So, the chicken and the rooster decided to crack open the egg.The rooster poked the egg with its sharp beak.But even then no chick came out of the egg.

So, both of them broke the egg and to their astonishment, found that
the egg had no chick in it. They were very sad.

Then after some days, the hen again laid egg, this time 2 eggs.
She sat on both the eggs hoping that atleast this time, chicks will hatch out of the eggs.

Finally, one morning, rooster and the hen heard something from the egg.
First , some poking sound came. the n came out a tiny claw. then the chicks came out of the cracked eggs. They were all sticky - icky. The hen cleaned them well and fed them.

All four of the rooster and hen family lived happily together everafter.

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