Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thiruppaavai Songs - 16, 17, 18

Verse 16
naayaganaai nindra nandhagOpanudaya
kOyil kaappaanE! kodiththOndrum thOraNa
vaayil kaappaanE ! maNikkadhavam thaaL thiRavaai;
aayar sirumiyO mukku aRaipaRai
maayan maNivaNNan nennalE vaainErndhaan;
thooyOmaai vandhOm thuyilezhap paaduvaan;
vaayal munnamunnam maatraathE amma ! nee
nEya nilaikkadhavam neekkElOr embaavaai.

Hey, He who guards the palace of Nanda Gopa,
Hey, who guards the ornamental door with flags,
Please be kind to open the door with bells,
For yesterday the enchanter Kannan,
Has promised to give beating drums,
To us the girls from the houses of cow herds.
We have come after purification,
To wake Him up with song,
So do not talk of this and that, Hey dear man,
And open the door with closed latches,

Verse 17 
ambaramE, thaNNeerE, sORE aRancheyyum
emberumaan! nandha gOpaalaa ! ezhunthirAi;
kombanaarkkellaam kozhunthE ! kulaviLakkE !
emperu maatti ! yasOdhaai ! aRivuRaai;
ambaram oodaRuth thOngi ulagaLantha
umbaRkO maanE ! uRangaa thezhunthiraai;
sempoR kazhaladich chelvaa ! baladEvaa !
umbiyum neeyum uRankElOr embaavaai

Hey Nandagopa, who does good deeds and charity,
Who gives water, cloth and food to others,
Please wake up.
Our lady Yasodha, who is the light of the homes of cow herds,
She who is dear to all the ladies, Please wake up
Hey, Krishna who is the king of Gods,
Who went up tearing the sky.
Please wake up, and do not sleep.
Hey Baladeva, who wears pure golden anklets,
Please wake up along with your brother,

Verse 18
undhu madhakaLitran Odaatha thOLvaliyan,
nandha gOpaalan marumagaLE ! nappinnaai !
kandham kamazhum kuzhalee ! kadaithiRavaai;
vanthengum kOzhi azhaiththanakaaN; maadhavip
pandhalmEl palkaal kuyilinangaL koovinakaaN;
pandhaar virali ! un maithunan pErpaada,
senthaamaraik kaiyaal seeraar vaLaiyolippa
vanthu thiRavaai, magizhnthElOr embaavaai.


Hey, Who is the fair daughter in law,
Of Nanda gopa, who has several elephants,
And who is a great hero who never ran away from his enemies,
Hey Lady Nappinnai, who has hair surrounded by holy scent,
Please be kind to open the door.
The cocks are everywhere waking us up,
The koels flock on the jasmine Pandals,
And coo so that we all wake up,
Hey Lady who happily plays ball,
To help us sing your Lords fame,
With your hands with tingling bangles,
Please open the door with happiness,

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thiruppaavai songs 13, 14 & 15

Verse 13

puLLinvaai keeNdaanai, pollaa arakkanaik
kiLLik kaLaindhaanaik keerthimai paadippOi,
piLLaigaL ellaarum paavaik kaLambukkaar;
veLLi ezhunthu , viyaazham uRangitru;
puLLum silambinakaaN; pOdharik kaNNinaai !
kuLLak kuLirak kudainthu neeraadaathE,
paLLik kidaththiyO ? paavaai ! nee nannaaLaal
kaLLam thavirnthu kalanthElOr embaavaai


The lasses(young women) have reached,
The place of prayer for Pavai,
Singing the fame of our Lord.
Who killed the ogre who came like a stork.
And who cut off the heads of the bad ogre, One by one.
The nevus (a mark in the form of a raised red patch) has risen in the morn,
The Jupiter has vanished from the sky,
The birds are making lot of sound,
Of beautiful one with wide eyes red as a flower.
Without taking bath by dipping
again and again in ice cold water,
Would you prefer to sleep.
Oh lass, On this holy day,
Do not stay aside, And come to bathe with us.

Verse 14

ungaL puzhakkadaith thOttaththu vaaviyuL 
senkazhuneer vaainegizhnthu aambalvaai koombina kaaN;
sengal podikooRai veNpaal thavaththavar,
thangaL thirukkOyil sankiduvaan pOgindraar;
engaLai munnam ezhuppuvaan vaaipEsum
nangaai ! ezhunthiraai, naaNaathaai !naavudaiyaai!
sankodu sakkaram Enthum thadakkayan
pangayak kaNNaanaip paadElOr embaavai ,


In the pond in the backyard of your house.
The lily in the ponds have opened,
The night flowers have closed,
The white toothed sages,
Who wear clothes as red as,
The powder of brick, Are going to their temples.
To sound the conch.
You who promised to wake us up, Please wake up,
Are you not ashamed, You chatter box,
Let us all sing about the lotus eyed one,
Who has a holy conch and disc in his hands,

Verse 15

ellE iLankiLiyE ! innam uRanguthiyO?
sillendru azhaiyEnmin, nangaimeer ! pOdharkindrEn?
'vallai un katuraigaL ! paNdEun vaayaRithum!'
'valleergaL neengaLE , naanEthaan aayiduga !'
'ollai nee pOdhaai , unakkenna vErudaiyai ?'
ellOrum pOndhaarO? pOndhaar, pOndhu eNNikkoL
vallaanai kondraanai , maatraarai , maatrazhikka
vallaanai , maayanaip paadElOr embaavaai . 


“Hey, little bird, Are you still sleeping? ”
“Don’t disturb my sleep , Lasses, I will just come”.
“You are good in your speech, We know what you mean.”
“You be good, but leave me alone”
“Come quickly, why is it different for you?”
“Have every one gone?” “Gone, think they have gone”
“Please wake up and sing,
Of he who killed the big elephant,
Of him who can remove enmity from enemies,
And of him who is the holy enchanter.