Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vegetable Stories - Vegetable Town

Next to Mr.Plump's town there was a Vegetable Town.
In that vegetable town, Carrots lived in Carrot house, Tomatoes in
tomato house,and there were other houses too like Pumpkin house,
Lemon house,Broccoli house, Pepper house and so on...............
All the vegetables had to cook their own meal by taking turns.

One day it was the Mushroom family's turn to pick some fresh vegetables to cook.
But Miss Mushroom was so lazy to go by walk. So, she asked the Carrot to give her a ride in his car.
The smily carrot was ready to help the lazy mushroom.

 From the Mushroom's family, Miss Mushroom was all ready to go with her handbag.
So, it took it Super Jet Carrot Car and went off zoooooooooooom.........

They picked a wheelbarrow full of fresh vegetables and they tied it to their Super Jet Carrot Car and finally came home.
Then quickly they arranged all the vegetables on the kitchen table.
It was radish's turn to cook.After he finished cutting the vegetables,he felt tired.

He was sweating and so was fanning for himself without cooking.

The tomato was dying with hunger .
She was angry with the radish for taking so much time to cook. 
Then finally Mr.Radish cooked the meal.
He had prepared a yummy and healthy vegetable soup, roasted the
autumn vegetables and stir fried the broccoli, carrot,cauliflower........ too.

 Even the baby peas came out of their pod to have the yummy meal and ate very nicely. 
The turnip and lettuce were happy to eat such a delicious meal.

The yellow pepper drank up all the soup.Then all the vegetables
had a good nap.The turns will continue......

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