Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bollee and his friends


In a jungle in Africa, there lived many elephants. In that, lived a cute little baby elephant Bollee, with his mommy Mollee and daddy Dollee.  They went to the river everyday to have bath with the other elephant families.

Bollee played in the mud near the river with his friends Tollee , Kollee and Tiny. Kollee had a baby sister named Sally. The friends played in the water and sprayed water on each other . Then, they had bath and were all squeaky clean! The whole day Bollee, Tollee, Kollee and Tiny played in the jungle and they kept races to see who breaks a branch from the trees first. They ate seedlings when the felt hungry.

They composed a group song , which goes like this ....

Naughty Bollee has 3 friends,
who play in the river and sand !
They are four in all,
who make the tree branches fall !
They eat bamboo and banana
and are darlings to their mama!

Dollee (Bollee's Dad), Tody (Tollee's Dad), Kody (Kollee's Dad) and Tiko (Tiny's Dad) all go to the  mill, where they work. Their work is to lift heavy logs and load them on the conveyor belt . The wood goes to the chopping machine , from which various furnitures like table, chair , stool, are made.

One day, while Tiko was working in the saw mill, a huge log fell on his trunk, and he got hurt very badly all over his body. His trunk was bleeding. Immediately Dollee and Tody called the doctor Dock and the first aid was done.

The doctor put bandages everywhere and said Tiko should take rest for one month for recovery. So, Tiko's friends worked Tiko's job also in the mill.

Mollee (Bollee's Mom), Tally (Tollee's Mom), Kally (Kollee's Mom), Siko (Tiny's Mom) were all friends. They all went into the jungle everyday to pick up some bamboo shoots, seedlings, stems and leaves for their family to eat. Siko was pregnant , she went to Dock's clinic to check her weight every month.

On the way back from the Dock's clinic,  she fell down in a hole and got caught inside the hunter's Jack's net . Immediately her friends called their husbands and somehow rescued Siko safely. But she started getting pain and was hurried to the clinic again.

There she delivered a girl baby elephant. All the elephants were happy. They named her Shiny. Tiny was proud to be the big brother of Shiny.

After a few months , Shiny and Sally became close friends. They were always with their moms. They are girls after all , unlike their brothers.The girls always loved to do Cha-Cha dance together, by singing this lovely song......

Shiny and Sally,
are friends who are girlies! 
Who dressed up with the coconut leaves 
And danced for the Cha-Cha beats !

Tiko , Tiny's Dad recovered and started to go back to work . All the elephant families were happy.
They all lived happily together ever after.


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