Monday, January 10, 2011

Listen to Parents

Listen to Parents- Dont go near stove!!


There was a house in a town, where a happy family , Ramu , Sita and Suresh lived.
In a small hole in that large house, there lived a mouses' family, mommy, daddy and baby mouse.
Every morning daddy mouse went in search of food for his family.
Mousie , the baby mouse and its mommy were at home.
Mommy cooked yumy dishes for Mousie. Mousie liked cheese !!

One day while playing, it saw a piece of cheese on the dining table of the large house.
 Yes, the mouse saw the
little boy Suresh eating cheese sandwich .
Mmm.... Yummmmy ....  thought Mousie.
It wanted to eat that cheese slice.So, it went into the house and then under the dining table.
Then , Mousie heard the cooker's  whistle sound in the kitchen. YES,... Suresh's mom was cooking .
She was also frying french fries !! suresh loves to eat french fries.


Mom gave some hot french fries to Suresh and said that she was going to have bath .
She warned him not to touch or go near the Stove, because the frying pan and oil is hot.
It is dangerous to go near the stove. Suresh said OK  MOM.....

But after mom went, he was so curious to go to the kitchen.  He has asked mom so many times
if he can help her in cooking . But mom said,  NO !!! So, now, since mom is not there, he wanted
to fry some french fries and experiment cooking.

The Mousie was watching all this . It wanted to eat the cheese slice. So, when Suresh went to the kitchen,
Mousie grabbed the cheese slice and ran away into his hole.

Now, Suresh went to the kitchen and  switched on the stove . He took a few french cut potatoes and put them in the oil.
He threw them in the oil so hard that the hot oil splashed on his face. He screamed for help.

Mom came running and saw Suresh. She didnt scold or scream at him.
She splashed some cold water on Suresh's face and took him to the doctor immediately.

Suresh was taken care of by the doctor and of course his parents.


What do children learn from this story?


All the time when mom restricts the kids from going near the hot stove and cooking, kids' minds grow more curious about this.
They don't understand the reality and the results  from that.

Kids should understand one thing.

"Mom and Dad always care for their kids and want to be extra cautious " !

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  1. very nice story to make understand kids .