Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Town of Nadhipur

Come kids, lets listen to the story of the Town of Nadhipur,

There was a King and a Queen, but there was no water.
Oh ! no water ?
Yes, but once , there was a beautiful river and it always had lots of water.

Then what happened to the water ?

The people of that town threw garbage into the water and made it dirty.
They didn't clean up the river and it turned into a ditch.

The fish who lived in that river said, "we can't live in this dirty water " .
So, we are leaving this river.

People too did not have clean water to drink.
They didn't realize that it was their mistake.

The problem is addressed to the King.

The King asks his minister , "What is the solution to this problem , minister ?
The river has become dirty and there is no drinking water ."

The minister says, "Respected King, People have polluted the river water ."

Then, the Queen too says, "Rspected King, there is no rain in the town.
What is the solution for that ?"

The Minister says, " Respected King, the people have cut down trees for
building houses and for firewood. That is why there is no rain ."

The King asks the people, "What are you going to do to save the town?
You polluted the river water and cut down the trees.
Now, we don't have rain and drinking water in the town."

The people one by one say,
"We will not pollute the water and put garbage into the river water."
"We will not cut down trees, instead we will plant new trees ."

After some months, the town of Nadhipur became very beautiful with many new trees,
and the river was all cleaned up.
The people never polluted the water and they never cut down trees.
The fish came back to live in the river.
There was enough rain in the town.

Moral of the story is " Save trees and don't pollute water !"
"Save water , save earth "


  1. this story is realy good because it teaches you
    an important lesson!!!!

  2. very very nice story for childrens......

  3. very very nice story for childrens......