Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thiruppaavai continued

 Periyaazhvaar spent his wealth for Srivillipputhoor's temple . He spent his life by doing the day to day activities in the temple's garden and making and offering garlands for the God.

One day at sunrise, when he was doing his gardening work near the thulasi plants, he felt his shovel hitting a box. He was astonished to see a  beautiful baby girl inside the box. The baby was bright with a smiling face. He believed that the baby was given by the motherland (boomidevi) and was very happy. That day was Aadi(Aug- Sep) month and the star was Pooram.He named the baby as KODHAI , ie. KO - boomi and THA - given. He brought up the girl with lot of affection and love.

will continue...

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