Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thiruppaavai - song 4 & 5

Today is Vaikunta Ekadasi . Let Sri Perumaal and Aandaal bless all of us !
Song 4  -
Aazhi mazhaikkannaa ondru nee kaikaravEl
AazhiyuL pukku mugandhu kodarthEri
Oozhi mudhalvan uruvam pOl meikaruththup
Paazhiyan thOLudaip parpanaaban kaiyil
AazhipOl minni valampuripOl nindru adhirndhu
thaazhaadhE Saarangam udhaiththa sara mazhaipOl
Vaazha ulaginil peidhidaai naangaLum
Maargazhi neeraada magizhnthElOr embaavai .


Please obey our wishes,
Oh rain God who comes from the sea,
Enter the sea, please, and bring water to your fill,
And with zest and sound take it up,
And like the God of the deluge become black,
And shine like the holy wheel in the hands,
Of The God Padmanabha who has powerful biceps,
And make booming pleasing sounds,
Like the right spiraled conch,
And rain with out stop like the arrow storm,
From Saranga the bow of Vishnu and descend on us,
To make this world happy,
And to help us take bath in month of Margahzhi,

Song 5  -

Maayanai maNNu vadamadurai mainthanaith
Thooyaperuneer yamunaith thuRaivanai
Aayar kulaththinil thOndrum ANiviLakkaith
Thaayaik kudal viLakkam seitha damOtharanaith
ThooyOmaai vandhu naam thoomalar thoovith thozhudhu
Vaayinaal paadi manaththinaal sindhikkap
POya pizhaiyum pugutharuvaan nindranavum
Theeyil thoosaagum seppElO rembaavaai.


To Him the enchanter of all,
To Him the son of Mathura in the north,
To Him who played and frolicked,
In the shores of holy Yamuna,
To Him who is the ornamental lamp,
Of the family of cow herds,
And to the Damodhara who made,
His mothers womb holy,
We came after a holy bath,
And offered pure flowers at his feet,
And sang with our mouth,
And brought the thoughts of him in our mind,
And we were sure,
That all our mistakes of the past,
And all that we will do in future,
Will vanish as ashes in fire,

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