Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Story of a Foolish Crow

Once in a small village, there was a crow with her family . They lived in a nest on a Mango Tree.

Everyday the crow hunted for  berries , insects, etc. 
One day after eating food , she was very thirsty. 
She flew in search of water.
She flew to a pond where there was enough water for her drink. But, there were ducks ,frogs and fish in that pond and they did not allow the crow to drink water.
Then, she flew in search of water again and found a well. 

There was very less water in the well.
So, she remembered her crow friend who put pebbles inside the water jug to 
make the water  level come up. 

She too got that idea and she started putting lots of pebbles into the well , 
but the water never came up . The foolish crow didn't know that how many ever pebbles you put inside the well, the water won't come up.

Parental Tip :

Parents, explain why the water level in the well won't come up , and, why the water in the jug came up in the old classic story "Thirsty Crow".

Experiment for kids ....

 1. Pick some pebbles or small stones , give your kid a jug with very little water. 
 2. Ask your kid to put the stones in the jug and check if the water level came up.
 3. Then give a bigger pot and repeat the same experiment.

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