Friday, March 23, 2012

Temples and Prasadams

Happy Ugadi to all !
My grandma told me about the speciality of prasadams of some temples. So, I thought to share with
all of you .

Tirupathi Venkateswara Temple -
The prasadams are laddu, vadai ,pongal, etc... All the prasadams are made out of  pure ghee and whole pepper. They don't use red chillies or oil.  The reason behind this
is that, once, Sri Venkateswara got hurt on his chin. So, his mother Vagullamaalika asked the  cook to use only ghee.

Udipi Krishna Temple - 
The lord can be worshipped only through a window with nine hole , called the "Navagraha Kitiki".
The God himself goes to the Madapalli , where the neivedyam / prasadam  is cooked.

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple -
There is free food for everybody everyday. So, only after everybody eats , the neivedyam is given for the Goddess. She is like the mother of all, like mothers at home eat after every member in the family has eaten the food.
Even after the neivedyam is offered to the Goddess, the remaining food is
tied up in a big bundle and hung on a tree outside the temple. The reason being , that even if robbers come, they should have food and should not return hungry.

In Kerala, in the madapalli (kitchen) in all temples, they use only coconut fibre (தேங்காய் நார்) to burn the stove to cook prasadams.

In Uppiliyappar Temple, (Vishnu temple) there will be no salt added to all the prasadams.

In Pazhani Murugan Temple, Panchamritham is the very famous and special prasadam. They use only malai vazhaippazham for making the prasadam.

will continue .......

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