Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hanuman Challisa - Verse 1

continued from the previous posting
Budhiheen  thanu Jaanike, Sumirowpavan kumar I
Bal budhividhya dhehu mohin , harahu kalesh vikaar II

My intelligence is very little,  hey vaayu's son aanjeneya, i am your devotee,
Give me  strength, intelligence,and show me the truth.
Give me freedom from all the wrong doings and saddness.

Verse 1 :

Jai hanuman gyan guN saagar I
Jai kapees thihunlOk ujaagar II

Hey Anjeneya, you have the goodness and intelligence more than that of an ocean;
You are the head of all the apes (monkeys) ;
you make the three worlds to understand the feelings. May you always have victory.

Jai Hanuman !

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