Friday, March 15, 2013

Colours - a few lines in hindi

Rangon Ka Mel

I am writing these short rhymes about colours in hindi.
Parents can use these for any stage performance, by dressing up the kids with any colour they choose . Kids can also hold a prop of that colour. For example, the child can hold a red rose for red colour.

Laal (Red) -
Laal mera rang hai,
Mere haath mein laal gulaab hai
Josh ho ya pyaar, laal uskaa rang hai.

Hara (Green) -
Hara mera rang hai,
Hare paththe sansaar ke achche,
Ped Poudhe barsaath ke liye achche,
Ghar mein ped lagaaye achche bachche.

Peela (Yellow) -
Surya ke rang mera rang  hai,
Peela nargis athi sundhar,
Peele rang se sukh aur chamak prasthuth hota hai.

Neela (Blue) -
Mera rang neela hai,
Neele aasmaan ho ya neel samundhar,
hain dekhne ko athi sundhar .

Safed (White) -
Safed mera rang hai,
Safed pavithratha ko dhikhaatha hai,
Safed baraf se anek roop bana sakthe hain.

Naarangi (Orange) -
Mera rang naarangi hai,
Naarangi Thej ka rang hai,
Naarangi Santhra athi swadhisht hota hai.

Bainganee (Purple) -
Mera rang hai Bainganee
Baingan sabzi hai bainganee
Laal aur Neela se bantha hai bainganee rang.

Gulabee (Pink) -
Meri Gulabi rang dekho,
Nanhe bachchon ke gaal,
Gulabee rang ke gulaab ,
Dhonon Kithne pyaare hain !

Sunaharaa (Golden)  -
Mera rang sunaharaa hai,
Sone ke gahane hain sunahare
Sundar lagthe hum jab use pahanthen.

Chaandhi (Silver) -
Chaandhi mera rang hai,
Meri Paayal chaandhi ki hai
Nanhe bachchon ke pair mein lagathe hain achche

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