Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Elephant and the Tailor

Once upon a time there was a baby elephant, who lived with its mother in the mountain side.
The baby elephant liked to eat banana.

One day it went with its mother to the market.
They passed through a tailor shop, where the tailor was with his customer.

The tailor was cutting a cloth using his inch tape, scissors.
The tailor gave a banana to the baby elephant.
Everyday the baby elephant went to the tailor and asked for banana.
The tailor also gave . The baby elephant ate the banana and walked happily .
Since the elephant came everyday for banana, the tailor became angry .

So, the tailor decided that when the elephant will come the next day, he will 
insert a needle into the banana.
The next day, he gave the banana with needle to the elephant .

The needle hurt the baby elephant's tounge and it was bleeding.
It cried and its tears flowed down like a river.
The baby elephant cried and told its mother about the bad tailor.
The mother elephant got angry and took a hockey stick to beat up the tailor. 
The tailor was beaten up by the mother elephant and the shop was ruined. The tailor cried and asked sorry.
Thereafter the tailor understood his mistake and became a very nice man .
The baby elelphant lived happily with its mother.

The moral of the story is,
"Dont hurt anybody. In return you will be hurt. Be happy and make everybody happy."

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  1. Nice job i regularly view your blog and find it quite interesting.. keep up the good work and all the best.