Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nadhipur ki Kahani -in hindi

Nadhipur Ki Kahani
The kids can use this story for enacting on stage.
I have written this story in hindi below.
This story is in English in this same blog, The Town of Nadhipur
It includes 15 characters. I am telling this story in drama style.
The characters are
1. Story Teller #1
2. Story teller #2
3. Common Person CP#1
4. Common Person CP#2
5. character 1
6. character 2
7. character 3
8. Nadhi ki machlee
9. nagarvaasi #1
10. nagarvaasi #2
11. nagarvaasi #3
12. Maharaja
13. Maharani
14. Manthri
15. Moral Teller

Story Teller #1
Nadhipur Ki Kahani
Aao sunthe hein nadhipur ki kahani,
uskaa ek thaa raja, ek thi rani,
unke raajya mein na thaa paani !

CP #1
na thaa paani? kya karan hai?

character 1
Ek samay  thee ek nadhi,
sundhar aur paani se bhari

CP #1
phir kyaa huaa?

character 2
pur lOgOn ne daala,
paani mein kachda.

character 3
aur nahin kiya nadhi ki safayee,
phir nadhi ban gayee gandhi naali.

hai ram, phir ?

Nadhi ki machalee
mujhe gandhi paani nahin chaahiye,
mein is nadhi ko chOdke jaa rahi hoon.

CP #2
thabse ,us nadhi mein machliyaan nahin rahin

Nagarvaasi #1
is gandhe paanni ko kaise pee sakthe hein ?
hum is nagar ko chOdke jaa rahe hein.

CP #2
Ab, is samasyaa ko log, maharaj ke paas le jaathe hein

kya karen manthriji?
nadhi ki paani gandhi ho gayi

maharaj, lOgOn se kehna hai
ki paani mein kachda na daalen

maharaj, nagar mein baarish bhi nahin hai.
uska kya karenge aap ?

maharaj, lOgOn ne ghar banane ke liye
aur jalaaoo lakdi ke liye pade kaat daale

Maharaj -  lOgOn se poochthe hein
nagar vaasiyOn, is nagar ko rehne laayak kaise banaa sakthe hein ?

Nagarvaasi #2
maharaj, aaj se, nadhi mein kachda nahin daalenge

Nagarvaasi #3
hum naye ped aur rakhenge, thab, baarish aayegi

CP #2
kuch maheenOn baadh, nadhipur ki dhashaa

Story teller #2
nadhipur ki nadhi saaf hai,
naye ped baddhe, baarish barsi,
machliyaan phir se aa gayeen,
nagarvaasi khush thhey!

Moral Teller
is kahaani se hum seekhthhe hain ki,
paani ko apavithra na karen aur
pEdOn ko naa Kaaten !

(Moral of the story is
Save trees and Don't pollute water !)

Please post your comments if you use my stories or rhymes on stage !
Thanks in advance !


  1. nice story best for my school drama

  2. Children are naturally born creative. With reading this kind of stuff they will learn more. Keep it up. Nice Story......