Monday, May 19, 2014

Parenting Tips

Hello Parents!

Here are some more parenting tips for you...
You should encourage kids to clean up and tidy their room. Oh yes, I can listen to all your mind voices !!! Yes, I too agree that no kid will clean up the mess they created.

But , you can have a gift jar / bowl in which you can put some pencils, funny looking erasers, giant pens/ pencils, mechanical led pencils, magic erasers, etc.
You have to tell the kids that , if they keep their room clean for a week, at the end of the week, they get to choose one gift from the jar.

Follow this for a few weeks, then you will see that they will start building the habbit of cleaning their room.

Or if you don't like this , you can also give them some money for their piggy bank. And once they save some , take them to the store and allow them to buy a small toy or something they like. They will be very happy .

Try these for disciplining them and then you 'll see the difference!

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