Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Parenting Tips

 How can a lovely relationship between parents and their kids bloom
 with full happiness ?
 These tips would be very helpful to parents as well as kids

 If the kids do not listen to you the second time you ask them  to
 do / follow something, then it means, they do not want to listen to you.

 They heard you the first time and the second time, but they do not
 want to do what you ask them to.
 If the kids yell back at you, tell them calmly that you will listen to

 them only if they stop yelling and speak calmly.

 These are a few things every kid should incorporate within themselves

 Early to Bed early to rise
 Eat atleast one serving of fruit  and vegetable everyday
 Do not talk back to elders
 Read books for atleast 20 minutes a day
 Listen to Parents - they always think for your goodness

 That is all for now, but I will come back with some tips !


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