Sunday, March 10, 2013

Camlin and Colly - Always Inform Parents (Parenting)

Camlin and Colly

In a forest there lived a mother deer and its fawn. Mother and the baby were living peacefully in the forest , with their herd. The baby Camlin had a friend named Colly.

Camlin and Colly played many games like, chasing and catching each other,
jumping over the rocks, running race, etc.

One sunny day, mother deer was drinking water in the stream . Colly called Camlin to play with him. Without asking permission from his mother, Camlin went right away with Colly.

They played for a long time in the woods and had a lot of fun. Camlin's mother and Colly's mother went in search of their fawns.

Until dawn,they could not find the fawns and they got tensed . They decided to
go back to the lake, because the fawns might return to the lake in search of their

Meanwhile, Colly and Camlin could not find their way back . They got lost. But Camlin thought of an idea. Since it was still dawn, there was little  light, because of which, they could find their footprints and  found their way back to the lake.

At the lake, the mothers and the fawns were happy to see each other.

Camlin and Colly learned a lesson that they should inform their mothers before going anywhere and get their permission.

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