Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Cunning Jackal and the Cow friends

In the grasslands of Munnar, there were 4 cows Sparkle, Pear, Spotty and Browny, who grazed together . Each one of them were different in their own way . Sparkle had sparkling eyes, Pear
had  a pear shaped  black spot on her forehead, Spotty was white with black spots on her body,
and Browny was brown in colour.

Though everybody was different in their own way, they never made fun of each other or fought with each other. There was a cunning jackal named Jacky, who lived in the hills of Kurinji , saw these cows grazing and playing everyday. It wanted have these cows for a delicious meal. So, on a sunny day, it tried attacking on Sparkle. But Pear, Spotty and Browny ran to the rescue of Sparkle and chased Jacky out of the grassland. Sparkle was safe because all of them were friends and they helped each other when the need arouse.

Now, Jacky thought of a plan to attack the cows. Meanwhile , the cows planned for a party to celebrate their friendship. So, they shared the arrangement work among themselves. Sparkle went in search of  flowers to decorate their cowshed . Pear went in search of  straw . Spotty went to bring some fresh grass to eat and Browny went in search of hay.

Jacky saw the cows going in each direction, so, it first followed Sparkle and said, do you know that Pear is going to trim her tail, without telling others ? How mean of her , she wants to look very pretty. Now, Sparkle became angry on Pear.

Next, Jacky went to Pear and told that Sparkle is bathing in the river without telling anyone , so that she wants to look "sparkly". Pear got angry  on Sparkle.

Now, Jacky went to Browny and told that Spotty is going to eat the best and fresh grass she finds first and only then she will bring the leftover grass for everyone else. So, Browny was angry with Spotty.

Now finally, Jacky went to Spotty and told that Browny is playing in the hills of hay without telling anyone. Now, Spotty became angry with Browny.

Sparkle, Pear, Spotty and Browny ran to the grassland, where the party was going to be held. Once they saw each other they started fighting and went angrily in each direction. Jacky was successful  in separating the cows. Now,  Jacky had one of the cows for  a delicious meal every day.

Moral of the story -
When the cows were friends, nobody could attack them. Once they were separated, the cunning jackal ate them all. So,the moral of the story is "Unity is Strength ".

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