Friday, June 17, 2011

Dad's Darling Daughters


Dad's Darling Daughters !!

On June 19, we are going to celebrate Father's Day.
Happy Fathers's Day wishes to my Dad Rajendran !

Here are a few amazing facts about DADs

 Dads expect their first child to be a girl.
 Dads are always too protective about their daughters.
 Dads are their daughters' heroes.

There is a nursery rhyme  which goes like this...
Chubby cheeks, dimple chin,
Rosy lips, teeth within, 

Curly hair , very fair,
Eyes are blue, lovely too ,

Mother's pet, is that you ?
Yes, Yes, Yes.

The last 2 lines should be changed like this 
Father's pet, is that you ?
Yes, Yes, Yes .

Does this change seem to be reasonable ? The daughters are Dad's pet right ?

I remember my childhood days with my dear father. 
I remember those days when I went on a ride with my dad on a bicycle. 
and also those days when he taught me how to ride a bicycle. 

The Hindu has published an article on Father's Day on June 17th,2011.
here is the link for you

Anybody who wants to share a few lines about their father, please write it in the comments section.

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