Monday, January 10, 2011



Parent Tip :  The kindergartners will find it easy to remember the vowels, after you read it to them.


Once , there was a small boy named Ram.  He went to kindergarten in a private school.
There, they taught him about the vowels, and its usage.

But Ram got confused about the consonants and the vowels.
So, his mother Seema, told him a trick to remember the vowels easily.

Since Ram loved all kinds of animals, she went on his path itself.  She asked him if he liked 5 animals , ie. , Alligator , Elephant,  Iguana,  Octopus  and Unicorn .

On hearing these animals' names itself, Ram was excited.  Then Seema told him to remember the starting letter of all the
animals, ie. A, E , I , O , !!
That's it. Ram understood what his mother was going to say. 

Yes.... from that time onwards, he remembered the vowels by the 5 starting letter of the animals'  names.

After reading this story, i hope that all parents will feel it easy to make their children learn the vowels easily.


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